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Emergency Preparation – Maintaining Safe Exit Routes

Fire Exit

Should a fire or some other emergency occur that requires us to evacuate our work areas and leave the building, it is of upmost importance that we are able to do so quickly and safely. So today we will discuss a few unsafe conditions that we need to be on the watch for every day. Because these hazards, if allowed to exist, can be the difference between a quick escape . . . and disaster!

  • Make certain that designated emergency exit doors always remain unlocked from the inside while the building or structure is occupied;

  • Report any doors or hardware, like door-knobs or jambs, that are broken or malfunctioning so they can be repaired or replaced;

  • Never place or store any equipment, materials, or other obstructions in front of an exit door, nor within any aisle or other pathway designated for escape during an emergency;

  • Keep equipment and materials away from the outside of emergency exit doors too. Blocking an exit door or path from the outside can prevent people from being able to get out of, and away from, the building during an emergency;

  • Do not place curtains, signs, decorations, or similar obstructions over emergency exit doors or across designated emergency aisle-ways, as these items can make exits difficult to locate during an emergency;

  • Report any lit emergency exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures that are not working or appear to be broken, so they can be repaired or replaced;

  • Avoid placing containers of flammable liquids or other highly combustible materials under or alongside stairways, ramps, and other pathways used for emergency egress;

  • Let your supervisor know about any doors along the path to an exit that you feel could be easily mistaken for an emergency exit. They may need to be marked with a sign stating their intended purpose (like “Closet”), or marked “Not an Exit”;

  • Last but not least; if for some reason you do not know where the designated emergency aisles and exits are for your work area, please let your supervisor know right away.


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