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Slip forming vs Hand forming Curb

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

On a large concrete curb project using a slip forming machine is a cost effective and efficient method

Power Curber in action

What are the advantages of slip forming curb over hand forming?

  • Slip formed curb is stronger: Low-slump concrete is stronger than the high-slump concrete used in hand pouring.

  • Slip formed curb is faster: You get more production with the same number or fewer people, resulting in lower price to the end user.

  • Traffic patterns are diverted for a shorter time due to the speed of completing the project; thus, the traveling public (the taxpayer) is happier.

  • Low-slump, air-entrained concrete is more resistant to salt and slag deterioration.

Our Equipment

We currently have two Powercurbers is our fleet

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